I use the finest tonewoods available.

For tops I use mostly German or Swiss spruce, carefully selected to ensure the best tonal qualities. I also have a selection of fine cedar tops as an alternative.

Backs and sides are of Indian rosewood, maple, cypress, or several other species.

For necks I use straight grained well quartered mahogany or cedrella (Spanish cedar).


I build traditionally using mostly hand tools where practical. This gives me an understanding of and connection with  the materials which is essential to achieving my aims.

I also use hide glue or fish glue for most joints because I think it helps sound production, and it makes any repairs needed in the future much easier.

All my guitars are finished with French polish. This is a beautiful finish, feels great to play, and although it is more delicate than lacquers, it is much easier to repair the finish if damaged or worn.

More importantly, I think it is the best finish to enhance the sound of the guitar, being very thin and light.

Decorative Elements

I make my own rosettes and other decorative marquetry. The designs are a mix of my own, and some reminiscent of the work of iconic guitar makers.


My guitars are inspired by the work of Jose Romanillos and Antonio Torres. I make fan braced guitars with a traditional Spanish sound.

In my Romanillos based guitars I aim for good balance between bass and treble with, a wide range of tonal colours, and clarity, making it suitable for the concert hall.

The Torres model is very lightly built, giving it a low body resonance This design results in an intimate sound with profound deep basses and singing lyrical trebles and mid range.