Stuart Chrisite Guitars
East Broom
Hemplands Lane
Hampshire    GU34 3NT
"Now here is a surprise guitar - from a maker who has taken quite some time to produce his first few instruments - obviously done with great patience and lots of time to arrive at a precise result. This first one that we have seen is extremely good, not only in construction standard and finish but also in sound and playability.
The general sound character is very much Romanillos in style with a depth of bass (air resonance between F# & G), a balanced mid range and rounded, full sound on the first string. The comfort of its smaller body size will be attractive to some people.
Every aspect of its quality could belong to a maker of established reputation - seriously. So - come and grab yourself a bargain."                                                                                         Miles Roberts, Kent Guitar Cassics

(Taken from Miles's website, about one of my guitars he was selling)

"I just wanted to thank you again for your hospitality today and to say how much I already love the guitar. Even with my modest skills the tone and projection sound amazing. The workmanship and quality is outstanding and overall it’s a thing of tremendous beauty. Thank you for sharing some of the techniques which you use and for giving your time so generously.
I look forward to many many hours of joy thanks to your hard work."
                                                                                                                               Andrew Gange
"I commissioned Stuart to make a Jose Romanillos style guitar for me in September 2016 for an agreed fee and before starting work, he asked me for specifications on the dimensions and other choices that I wanted. I was able to visit his new workshop and choose from a good selection of quality woods which were to be used. He patiently explained the differences in the various choices and I was able to take plenty of time in the process.
However, that time was miniscule compared to the time Stuart was to spend. The guitar took nearly 6 months before it was ready to use, but the wait was well worth it. During that time Stuart kindly sent me photos of the construction process by email and I was able to see my guitar taking shape, piece by piece. I suggested some extra decoration on the bridge, to match the rosette and this was agreed and worked nicely. I had a choice of tuners and at every stage I felt I was taking part in the decision making.
This was very exciting and I couldn't wait to find out how the guitar would sound when it was finished.
It was interesting to see the order of the construction process and the photos showed some really interesting methods which must have taken so much painstaking attention and time, not to mention the skill involved.
After a long wait and more photos of the guitar under construction, the day of reckoning finally arrived and I went to try it and play it for the first time. It was every bit the guitar I had hoped to own, with stunning looks, a beautiful tone, good projection and balance across the strings as well as being comfortable to play.
I can't thank Stuart enough for all the work he has put in to making this guitar for me and I know the amount he charged me will not have covered anywhere near the time he spent on it.
I have now had the guitar for a month and I love it. I have played it every day for long periods and it is proving to be a wonderful instrument. Suffice to say, I am very happy."
                                                                                                                                                  Tim Rushworth       2/4/17
I came across this image showing a small portion of a newspaper article proving something I had always suspected.
Another reason to comission/buy that guitar you need.
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