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Classical Guitar
My standard classical guitar is small bodied and responsive. It is traditionally made with fan struts and with a spruce top. The design is influenced by Jose Romanillos guitars, and has a system of open harmonic bars which allow the upper bout to contribute to the sound. I aim for a clear focussed sound, with strong trebles balanced by a resonant bass, and with good sustain. I believe that small bodied guitars project better in concert because of this focus.
Cedar Classical Guitar
My design for a cedar classical guitar differs from one made wth spruce. I still aim for the same qualities for the sound, but I do not use open harmonic bars. The fan strutting design in these guitars is based on a Hauser guitar plan.
Flamenco Guitar
My flamenco design is a traditional fan strutted guitar, lightly built, with a fast attack and little  sustain. The top is of spruce, the back and sides usually uf cypress . I  use a 660mm scale. The setup produces a lower action and a lower string height at the bridge, all helping to produce the flamenco sound.

I supply all my guitars in Hiscox Pro 2 cases. These are very strong excellent quality cases.