Stuart Christie Guitars
East Broom
Hemplands Lane
GU34 3NT
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Tel  +44 (0) 1730 828280
I build my guitars following traditional designs and methods. The guitars are light in construction, responsive to the touch, and easy to play.

The setup can be tailored to suit individual players, as can the design of the decorative elements, and to a certain extent the construction can be varied to acheive a particular sound.

Flamenco guitars are varied to produce a fast percussive response, short sustain, and a different flamenco sound, as well as being set up differently for flamenco playing.
I take great care with the setup, to ensure that the guitar is easy and enjoyable to play, is buzz free, and has the best intonation possible.

I use a slightly different design for the cedar topped guitars, to accommodate it's different properties.
I use spruce mostly for the tops, and East Indian rosewood mostly for the back and sides. Necks are made from either cedrella or mahogany, and the head is usually joined with a V joint. Fingerboards are made from ebony.

I usually use high quality tuners, usually either Sloane tuners or Gotoh Premium tuners or their equivalent, and the price varies accordingly.
My classical guitars are inspired by Jose Romanillos in construction, design and the sound that I aim for. Most have open harmonic bars to allow the upper bout to contibute more to the sound. These guitars are small bodied, which I believe contributes to a more focused sound and better projection.
I aim for a focused treble with a resonant bass, good sustain, and a balance across the range, with a good range of timbres. I believe traditional fan bracing is the best way to acheive these aims.