Stuart Christie Guitars
East Broom
Hemplands Lane
GU34 3NT
Mobile 07768131330
Tel  +44 (0) 1730 828280
I have been making guitars since 1998, initially as a hobby, whilst working full time .In 2013 I changed careers, and switched my focus to guitar making .
I started playing guitar whilst at university. My interest in making guitars developed after I came across Irving Sloane’s book on guitar making , which helped me make my first guitar, and sparked a passion which has endured since.
I make my guitars using traditional tonewoods, such as rosewood, maple, or cypress for the back and sides, and spruce or cedar for the soundboard. The construction is traditional, with fan bracing similar to Torres design and inspired by Jose Romanillos guitars . Most tasks are completed with hand tools, and I make all the design elements, including the rosette banding and purfling. I use hot hide glue for most of the construction, because of its proven longevity and acoustic properties. The only parts I don’t make are the tuners, frets and strings.
I finish my guitars with French polish. This is a slightly more vulnerable finish, but looks great, is easily repaired, tolerates normal careful use, and does not impair the sound of the guitar.
I guarantee the workmanship and materials for the original purchaser.